vMX setup and configuration inside of AWS


vMX setup and configuration inside of AWS



I was hoping to get some help with setting up a vMX device.  I installed it just fine, but cannot seem to get anything to show as UP in my route table.  There is zero documentation, that I could fine at least, and my SE didn't really shed any light on the subject, pointing me to the "how to install a vMX in AWS" doc.  I need something a lot more in-depth.  


FYI - this is setup in Routed mode - already had support help with that.


now for LAN config.  when I first opened the page, it had a random network in there, but that is not the network of AWS.  Do I change that or leave it?  I assumed for MX IP, I use the one that is assigned to the AWS NEI.  when I create a static route, do I use the MX IP as the Gateway, next hop or do I use the AWS standard of ##.##.##.1?


I've double checked my AWS routing and SG's to make sure all is open and available.


really frustrated with the lack of documentation with Meraki products.  PAN you get 100 pages of detailed configuration, Meraki - here is like 5.  good luck.  LOL


thanks for any help!!

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I haven't done a routed mode configuration, so this is my guesses.


The LAN IP of the VMX must match the address assigned by Amazon.  This would be compulsory.


Your VPC would need a return route pointing to the VMX LAN IP.

If the VMX needs to communicate to subnets outside of the current VPC subnet it is in, you would need to add a static route on the VMX pointing to the VPC default gateway for that subnet.  An easy way to do this is to check another EC2 instance in the same subnet and see what it is using for its default gateway.

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