vMX Routing failover

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vMX Routing failover

We are deploying vMX in Azure and we are having connectivity to 3rd party DC.

We have some few queries.


Primary Traffic Path: vMX in Azure----Static Route--->Azure VPN Gateway----IPsec tunnel---->3rd party DC

Backup Traffic Path: vMX in Azure----Auto VPN------>vMX in AWS----->AWS VPN Gateway----IPsec Tunnel---->3rd Party DC


1) Is vMX Routing behavior same as MX Routing behavior ?


2)  If vMX stops receiving route via Static Route (even though connection to peer is up) , will it automatically failover traffic to Auto VPN Tunnel ?





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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

No.  The static route knows nothing about the state of the Azure VPN gateway and will always be up.


I have not used this, but there is a guide that shows setting up a VMX using BGP.  That is more likely to work.



BUT - how will the third party know which return path to use?


I think the only bullet proof method would be to put your own MX (in VPN concentrator mode) into the 3rd party DC, so you can run AutoVPN end to end.  You would no longer use either the AWS or Azure VPN gateways in this scenario.

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