Use MG for Out-of-Band Management?


Use MG for Out-of-Band Management?

Hi, we have several sites where we use Meraki switches and access points and do not have IT staff on site.

Now and then there are failures or problems with the internet connection or the firewall - therefore we want to use the Cellular gateway as a out-of-band management. Our current problem is that here in Germany (and Sweden) the LTE providers (Deutsche Telekom and Telia) use internal IP address and therefore we can not access the MG via the Internet.
Has anyone else here tried to build a similar solution with the MG and faced the same problem? Are there any possible solutions to this?


Thanks, Christoph

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I've used them for out of band management.  In my country, the default APN gives you a private IP address, but you can just use a different APN to get a public IP address.


Are you sure there are no other APNs available that will give you a public IP?



Otherwise you would need to setup a separate management network.  Use something like a Z3C.  Primary WAN going to the existing firewall.  Put a SIM into it for failover.  Configure the switch management to use the Z3C.

Then use AutoVPN back to a central MX67 somewhere.  Then you would have a separate out of band management that could handle a local Internet failure.

We only found one Company that offers other APNs - but unfortunately we do not agree on the conditions and stuff.

So I'm looking for another way to use a different APN.


And we're using Fortigate Firewalls not the Meraki ones.

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