Sim card/Data Plan for MG?

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Sim card/Data Plan for MG?

Has anyone investigate where they would go for the wireless service for this device?  Is it as simple as getting a sim from ATT or similar for an iPad or android tablet?  Trying to figure out what it would cost here in the US to use for failover.



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Note that a failover interface typically uses 100MB of traffic per month.  So make sure your data plan has at least that much data on it.

I assume you mean just sitting there, not actually failing over?  Just staying in touch with Meraki etc.?  Thanks for the reply.

Yes that is correct.  Just sitting their doing nothing it will use 100MB of data in a month.

T-Mobile has a new plan for a household celluar router they sell.  It is priced similar to the way cable is priced.


For a lower offline cost, I have a Google Project Fi sim in my celluar gateway.  It cost $10 per GB for the 1st 6GB, then it is free after that.  If you exceed 30GB, you could be throttled.  You can choose to pay to regain full speed.



Dave Anderson

Can you share a name or link to the T-Mobile household cellular router / plan?

Thanks!  I filled out the webform and then got an email asking about my auto insurance inquiry! 

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