MG21 LED Status

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MG21 LED Status

Hello all,


I've got my hands on a MG21 gateway as a trial unit, have it configured and working but the LED is solid purple.


The installation guide does not mention anything about a purple LED...


What LED status are other people getting when a unit is running correctly? Is my MG21 in some kind of error state or is the documentation incorrect?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@BrendanMoran given you have a trial unit it could have been loaded with some BETA software, I would contact support and see what they say. 

Kind of a big deal

Mine also ran purple when I had my trial unit.

Purple means that LTE is active, the MX67C model does the same. Their documentation also did not mention it at the time, so I told them and blogged about it, and now the documentation mentions purple for LED color. Looks like they forgot to do it again lol

Nolan Herring |
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