Meraki Go 2.43.0 now on iOS and Android

Meraki Go Team

Meraki Go app v2.42.0 is now available on iOS and Android.


Release Notes: 


What's new

- The process to set up your network's landing page now has a new & improved design

- We've updated our splash screen to be easier on the eyes when launching the app

- General stability fixes and improvements


Download Meraki Go on iOS or Android


Updated landing page design


Want to take people to your company's website or social media channel after they login to your Wi-Fi network? From the mobile app, click on Settings > WiFi network > select the relevant network > Landing page. 


You'll then be able to select if you'd like to create a landing page, and set it up as one people can click through before accessing your WiFi or drive them to your externally hosted website.