client names not in logs via syslog

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client names not in logs via syslog

We are sending our logs via syslog to Splunk, and the client names are not in the logs.  We have to identify the IP of the client, and then go to the Meraki console and search for the IP to associate IP to client name.  Is there a way to get the client name in the logs? 

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To my knowledge, there's no way of passing the hostname of clients via Syslog.

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Thanks for the info.  How do we go about requesting this to be added?  We would like to have one place to correlate events, and not need to log back into multiple consoles to obtain information.

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You will need to open up a support case and have a feature request opened for this Item. I am not sure the types of devices you have but a couple thoughts.

If you don't have your windows servers event logs being sent to Splunk this would send along the netbios information.

You could also setup a WINS server to capture everything?

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