change from cisco wlan controller 2504 with 75 ap to meraki

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change from cisco wlan controller 2504 with 75 ap to meraki

Hi, we have a Cisco 2504 WLAN controller with 75 accesspoints (1852, 3702, 2802, 3602). PEAP, MSCHAPv2 with Windows network policy server in 2 non trusted domains. Three SSID and several VLANs.

We have to decide, changing to cisco 3504 or to other technology like Meraki.
What is the best and cost optimized solution to change to Meraki?

Does anyone has experience in changing vom Cisco 2504 to Meraki? 

I think a combined solution will be not easy.
Which Meraki products/components I need to replace my current technical equipment?

Kind regards, and thank you in advance

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Kind of a big deal

I would start off with trying out the Meraki APs first. Way back when we had HP AP's and ProCurve switches we did the wifi first because of the cloud controller. It was very easy to transition the wifi since everything was already in place but again I would recommend trying out different scenarios. All in all I've never looked back. 😃




kYutobi thanks for the entry. I will buy an access point and try. Thanks also for you comment "All in all I've never looked back" thats a good comment. 
Kind regards, Michael

Building a reputation

I did and am still migrating from a Cisco on Prem solution (8510 controllers) to full Meraki.  We started with AP's and now have begun our switch upgrades, I still have a couple of schools on the Cisco controllers until I get to them. 


As was said, just replacing the APs is fairly easy and once they all replaced you can turn down the controllers.

Bossine, thank you for your experience. That's the right advice to go forward.  Kind regards, Michael

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