Wireless Health - No Voice information

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Wireless Health - No Voice information

Just started to have a look at the Wireless Health feature. We are using Meraki MR33's for wireless, we are also using on premise Skype for Business. We have setup QoS via Windows Group Policy to set the ports (50100-50139 for voice) and DSCP value (46 for voice). We believe this is working as when I run a Meraki packet capture it shows the two endpoints (peer to peer call) using the ports within the QoS range. However when I look in Meraki Wireless Health for the network it is not showing any information for voice, all the traffic appears to be under 'Best effort'.

Anyone have any ideas why Meraki Wireless Health is not showing this information correctly? As shown in the packet capture log the ports in use are correct.

Thanks in advance.



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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

When you look at the packet capture are the DSCP markings correct?

Hi Chad,


I have taken a Meraki packet capture, out putting it as wireshark file, and I can see in the capture the traffic is showing as Expedited Forwarding 46, so it appears that this is working correctly.


If we are setting this QoS/DSCP in Group Policy what do we need to set in Meraki Traffic Shaping?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Your devices need to use WMM (which your device will need to support) or Apple Fast Lane.


Getting noticed

Philip, I'm using fastlane, had set up a group policy for Apple devices with a rule for all voice & video conferencing with PCP 6 and DSCP 46, marked WebEx as whitelisted app in IOS profile, still, nothing in the Wireless Health..

Everything there shows as Best Effort traffic..


Where can we set WMM, under Meraki Traffic Shaping only 'PCP / DSCP tagging' is available under the rules. The old documentation seems to refer to WMM but this seems to have been updated/replaced in Meraki dashboard.

You shouldn't have to configure anything for WMM to be mapped correctly. The MR will automatically map DSCP markings into the correct WMM access class.

How much traffic is using the EF markings? Is it just one device, or do you you have all the devices using markings? There is a threshold that has to be met within the selected time range for it to display.

If you think you have enough devices marking traffic correctly and you are still not seeing anything in that graph I would suggest opening a support case and have them take a look at it.

Hi Chad, Thanks for the response, when you say we shouldnt have to configure anything, do you mean we don't need to setup any traffic shaping rules? As the traffic is being tagged by the devices and the Meraki MR will just detect this and prioritise it?


We have the DSCP markings set via group policy on all our laptops, I have checked the Health reporting on 3 sites, one of which has approx 200 laptops, admittedly many of them will on desks in docking stations using LAN, but there should still be quite a few calls happening via wireless.


I have logged a case and the initial response is perhaps not enough voice data being transmitted, however I am not sure how much or much they can look at this traffic on the WLAN/LAN.

correct the MR should detect the markings that are already set on the traffic.
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