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I need help regarding VLAN on APs.


I have network with two cisco switches on both sides and MR72 are making mesh with each other and with MR30H. APs are in bridge mode. PCs are connected with MR30H through wire. APs traffic in VLAN 1 and PCs traffic is in VLAN 10. Do i need to add vlan 1 and 10 in APs network? Kindly see the attached picture for better understanding.CASE.jpg

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Kind of a big deal

I'll start by saying I haven't tested this. But looking at the docs I came to a few conclusions.


See the note in the link below:



"Note: VLAN tags are not maintained across wireless mesh links, any VLAN tags applied by wired infrastructure will be stripped before sent across the air. By extension, wired clients across the mesh link do not support the use of VLANs applied by Group Policies."


So you'll have to configure the SSID you're using for "Clients wired directly to Meraki APs" to VLAN 10. The switch that is on the other end of the mesh link, will only see traffic for VLAN 10.


VLAN 1 would not be usable on the other end of the mesh links.

Kind of a big deal

I've set up similar for a client. In their case, they have wired clients hanging off an L3 switch as well as an AP.




Here, vlan1 gets cut off as soon as it hits the L3 switch on the far side. Far side uses vlan 15. There's one SSID shared between the two buildings, and I've got it set to L3 Roaming right now. It could be bridged but this client had reasons.


I need an L3 switch or a router on a stick so that I can a) remote manage my switch, and b) have both APs and wired clients on the far side.


Everything on the far side is on vlan15, with a dhcp helper setup to point DORA to her own pool on my AD DHCP server. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Everyone is correctly.  Only a singla VLAN can be bridged.  To do more than one VLAN you need a layer 3 routing device and to route the subnets.

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