Unreachable devices detected

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Unreachable devices detected

I got this message from Meraki last week


You are receiving this email because we are continually improving our systems, and new tests have determined that the Meraki cloud is having difficulty communicating with one or more of your devices. The firewall information page describes which IPs and ports you must whitelist in order for your devices to operate optimally.


Please check the firewall rules that these devices are behind:

See this page for more information on how you should configure your firewall:
Firewall Information


I've checked out my firewall rules and all are configured. What  kind of tests can I make to verify my connectivity with the
Meraki cloud?



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Getting noticed

Hi Felix,


We can't see the firewall rule link. I think it would be better if you can provide screenshot of your firewall rule.


May i ask if you are having a non Meraki firewall as your Uplink? If so, i think you need to allow the ports that is given on the Help Section on the Dashboard that can be found on the upper right side of the pane.


I hope this helps.


I have attached a screenshot for reference.


Ports for Meraki.JPG

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You need to update your firewall rules to those listed for the APs to work in all cases.

Getting noticed

FWIW, I see this for one or two random APs occasionally. Firewall rules are in good shape. I consider them false positives. If there was a firewall problem many more APs would be impacted.

We are seeing the same problem for one of our customers occasionally. There's never anything to see in the firewall rules and the customer doesn't see any impact on his WiFi availability so we also treat them like false positives.

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