Static IP on Client IP

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Static IP on Client IP

I need sometimes to install my wireless ap on different places that require a static ip adress to connect to the web, but I cannot change the  IP that is assigned at first manually on, The thing I need to change is the "Client IP" thats is actually for example to an adress like 
The only way I found for now is to use a utilitary that's called tftpd32 that simulate a dhcp server on a computer but that doesn't allways works.


My AP is a Meraki MR36 by the way

Could I get some help please ?

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 - In essence DHCP based  solutions are considered a must have standard for  wireless clients, get a robust DHCP server/service



I know but I would like to do it in a different way that with DHCP because we cannot deploy DHCP on every site for some reasons.


         >...because we cannot deploy DHCP on every site for some reasons.
 - In all honesty that is an outdated vision , and not applicable for modern business servicing , 



I know but saying that doesn't help me right now to be honnest... 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You can configure a static IP address using the local status page. 


However if will be easier to use a temporary DHCP server (so the MR can connect to the Meraki cloud), and then change it to using a static IP address via the dashboard.

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