Single SSID for different user-groups/device combinations

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Single SSID for different user-groups/device combinations

Hi all,


I am trying to deploy Meraki wireless for a school where they have single SSID and depending who is logging in and on which device (school leased or BYOD) the user gets assigned to a dedicated VLAN.


We could achieve the partial requirement using Filter-ID & matching Group Policy on the Meraki would assign the client to the specific VLAN. However, this will remain the same regardless which device this user uses. We want that this user gets a different VLAN when it uses leased device (like laptop) and another VLAN if he is using BYOD device (like an iPad/iPhone).


FYI- this setup is working fine on the Cisco classic wireless (WLC-based). There is no local profiling or ISE used in the production.


Any suggestions around this?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If you use iPSK it allows you to use ISE or FreeRadius to make you connect to a different VLAN depending on your MAC address, but not who you are.  Not sure how to do both...

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