Remove manually added clients in Dashboard.

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Remove manually added clients in Dashboard.

Hello, I would like to know if there is any way to delete a "customer" that was manually added in the meraki dashboard, for example.
I added a client, I put his "name" and "MAC", but a few days passed and I realized that I entered the wrong MAC data, so this user will be in the dashboard and I can not remove?

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Kind of a big deal

Not to my knowledge. The wrong mac will get auto-deleted in 30 days
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I think you want to remove the policy you assigned to the client (with the wrong MAC address).  Your screenshot provides a hint with the "only clients with a policy" in the text.


For more details, take a look at the following older post.  I know it's talking about blocked clients, but you can use the same steps to remove whitelisted clients.

it is actually this screen is with "all clients", I am currently putting "blocked" on undesirable ones, and the desirable ones I put in "whitelisted"

Kind of a big deal

Also giving them just a normal policy until auto-delete kicks in wouldn't be bad.


I'm with @HodyCrouch on this one. The dropdown "all clients with a policy" combined with the "forget" button will probably do what you need.


Note that there would be some side effects in case you're doing this on a real client:

This action will have the following effects on these clients:

  • Remove usage data
  • Remove traffic analysis data
  • Remove event log entries
  • Remove the client's detail page
  • Remove from the client List

The following clients will be affected:

  • Testing: aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff

Note: The historical client data will be made inaccessible on dashboard, but will continue to contribute to aggregate statistics and usage totals for this network.

If a forgotten client connects to this network in the future, it will be treated as a new client.

Sorry, but even selecting "all clients with a policy" I can't find this "forget" button to forget about clients.
However, I currently apply a blocking policy to unwanted customers.

It should be there:




so really my dash doesn't show.

Sem título.png

Hmm how bizarre. What are your admin rights on this network and org? Full?

yes, full.
I am test another login, where full privileges but not possible.

Best to ask helpdesk with our screenshots, I'm really not sure why you don't have it.

yes, thanks for troubleshooting and help.

I don't see the Forget button on my dashboard either.  This might be a region-specific feature or related to GDPR compliance.


In any case, I believe that setting the group policy to Normal is the closest you can come to removing the client setting unless you have the extra privacy settings enabled in your region.  This is just a guess and an area that Meraki support should be able to provide more detail.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@HodyCrouch you might have a point there, our Organizations have the data in Europe according to the bottom of the client page and we do have the Forget button...

Entendi, realmente na minha localidade Brazil não é disponível este recurso.

It is perhaps one of the options, I need to test because today I work with the following condition. I have a policy that denies all devices that connect to the network and will manually approve only the desired macs. Set to "normal" I will validate if the block is effective.

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