RJ45 - Network slowless

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RJ45 - Network slowless



Some clients connecting via RJ45 experience noticeable slowness, especially when using a specific application. The overall network speed remains consistent for all clients in the company, and it functions correctly. 



What steps should we take to investigate whether these slowdowns are originating from the network or are caused by the application?


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             - What do you mean by : connecting via RJ45    ?



hi , i mean Wired connection 


 - Are you talking about a wired connection from an AP ; if so then include the AP model (too)  (?)




yes , the model is : MR36-HW

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi @N-infoMeraki


I would advise giving the Meraki Support team a call so they can review your configurations and look for any potential issues on your Dashboard. After that, having someone onsite to recreate the issue will we review would be preferable. You can use tools such as iPerf to verify network throughput. If that checks out, recreating the issue while taking packet captures at either end of the connection will help us understand where the slow down is happening. 


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