Problem with type='NO DHCP response' associated='true' radio='0' vap='2'

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Problem with type='NO DHCP response' associated='true' radio='0' vap='2'

Hey guys,  thanks for your time.  

My Infra: 

1xMX 15.26  as firewall which make the DHCP for everything. LeaseTime: 1day

1xMS 12.9  Switch which bound a VLAN id to a port where an AP MR26.7 is connect and present 1 SSID which has the vlan tagging for the port. aka: "AP"

1xMS 12.9 as a "Repeater" (not wired connected) aka the problem device!


SSID run in bridge mode, WPA2-PSK, Dual Band operation



i currently have the issue that all clients that are connected to a meraki "repeater" loss their connection a few times a day and try to reconnect but didnt get an ip Address.  Sometimes they get an ip after some seconds and sometimes i need to reboot the device/networkcard.

In the Dashboard i see a lot of Failures Connection with the problem type='NO DHCP response' associated='true' radio='0' vap='2'

if i move the devices inside of the range for the AP they didnt had any problem and runs like normal. if i move them back, the problem come back. 

The problem show me really hard because i lost every Videostream like Telkos, NetTV oder youtube for example.



This is really frustrating because i have the issue now for 3 weeks and support just told me to call them then the issue is there but everytime they logged, they only see a running device 🙂 Like always 😄 Show-effect 


The problem device are: Iphone, Ipad, Android Device, Android TV, Windows Laptop. (max 30 devices so no dhcp range problem i think) 



Maybe you have an idee how to troubleshoot and solve this. 

thanks 🙂 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What changed 3 weeks ago (check Organisation/Change log if needed)?

The Change was that i Made Homeoffice and Just See the Problems Then.  So it could bei possible that the Errors are there for longer time. 



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