Print in Wifi

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Print in Wifi

I have a printer connected to the data segment.

from the wifi I ping the printer and it responds without a problem.

but when adding to the form to a Windows machine it does not find it.

those computers where I can not add the printer are in domain.

I try to add the printer on a computer that is not in domain and I can add it without any problem.


That could be happening ????

Note: I do not administer the domain.

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I could not print on WiFi when I first got my APs installed. Is the access control configuration for that SSID set to Bridge mode? Bridge mode is what fixed it for me.

Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

It sounds like your domain admins may have pushed a GPO or policy that doesn't allow additional printers to be added. 


If it works with a client connected to same SSID (or IP subnet) as the domain PC than that doesn't sound like a firewall rule or anything the wireless or underlying switch infrastructure is preventing.




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in case it's at the firewall level that could be because I was checking and I did not see anything strange

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