Preshared key updated but some APs still use the old one

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Preshared key updated but some APs still use the old one


We have an iPSK without Radius SSID.

There is an iPSK that have the passkey rotated every day via API. 

Recently, our users reported the password does not work in some locations, and we are able to reproduce the issue.

We are using firmware 29.7.1

Does anyone have the same issue?


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Is there a reason you are not using the 30.x firmware as that is the current stable release train?  There are a lot of fixes and 31.x is now being tested...

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I experienced the roaming issue with firmware 30.5. Have not tested 30.6 though

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

31 ? How are you so ahead of us haha !

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

I've not seen or heard of this issue - did you check any logs you take, relating to your script, to check whether the call to that Network got a 200?   Should also appear as 'via API' in the Org > Change log

Did you try making the change subsequently in such Networks, either via a single call or in the Dashboard itself?

If this has happened more than once, is it the same Networks that aren't getting updated?

Ultimately, you may need to raise a Support case for this, in which case gather as much info as you can as to when the call was made for the Network(s) in question.

Are you taking steps in your script to ensure you didn't hit the ceiling on call rate?

Yes, I logged a ticket. The problem happens when I update the iPSK through the Dashboard too.

It looks like APs do not get the configuration update from the cloud while it shows up-to-date on the dashboard. 

Support asked me to remove the special characters from the key but it does not help either 🙂 

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Is the IPSK update the only call you are making here? Can you test this again, but after the password change add a tag to the AP, and then remove it? Curious to see if a different change will trigger a configuration update here.

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  • Creating/updating iPSK from the old version of Dashboard work.
  • Creating/updating iPSK from the new version of Dashboard or via API does not work.
  • Performing a firmware upgrade on the access points will not fix the issue

Meraki is still working on this. It has been over 2 months thought...

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