Per-Client bandwidth limit duration

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Per-Client bandwidth limit duration

If this setting is set to a 5MB limit and a client reaches that amount. What happens to the client?  When does that bandwidth limit start over?  Is there a time duration until that resets and the client is forced to login again.  What we are trying to do is restrict a client on a Guest Network to a certain time or bandwidth duration.  We don't want to be a public wifi hot spot.  We want to make sure a client has to reauthenticate after reaching a time or bandwidth duration, preferably the next day. Is there any way to control this?

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The bandwidth limit is a speed limit (such as 5Mb/s) and not a volume limit.


To specify a time limit you must be using a splash page.  To configure go:

Wireless/Splash Page/[scroll to the bottom]

Then change "Splash frequency" to be what you would like.


I would like to limit the data usage (threshold), access duration and block mac address if it reaches the limit.

These above three features are important in our organization and it is mandatory to configure it.


Is it possible with Meraki? How can i configure it, if possible with Meraki?

You would need to combine it with a third party solution such as Splash Access.

Thanks @PhilipDAth




I know this post is old but thought I would reach out anyway. I tried the Splash Access solution but after working with them we were not able to enforce and restrict data volume per client. I was wondering if you found another solution? Thanks!

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