P L E A S E !!!! add SSID to logs!!, asking again

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P L E A S E !!!! add SSID to logs!!, asking again

How do we get a feature request submitted?  Everyday I am investigating IDS/NIDS alerts when 90% of them are on our guest network, which I care less about.  If Meraki had the SSID in the logs (flow or URL)!!!!  I cannot believe that Meraki still does not have this in information in the logs.  Before anyone states you can get this via the API, you first need to know the network that is associated with the client and then do an API call.  If we were doing an eval of wireless solutions, this would be a deal breaker for Meraki!  When our devices have depreciated, I am going to suggest we move away from Meraki because they will not listen and get this basic security field in the logs!

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

IDS alerts are usually generated by MX appliances, which have no concept of the SSID (unless you are using an MX with built in WiFi).  So there is no way for Meraki to provide this information.

You might have vlans configured, and if you map an ssid uniquely to a vlan then I guess you have your mapping.



I don't get it, don't you have your Guest Network segregated by VLan? on my IDS I just filter out the Guest Network so I don't even get alerted. I am sure I am missing something, can you elaborate?

VLAN segregation not completed

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