N-type Coax Extension for MR Antenna


N-type Coax Extension for MR Antenna

We have a job where the MR74 is acting as a repeater on the roof of a tin building. The wifi signal isn't great inside, as the metal and concrete kills the signal. Wondering if there would be any negative consequences to attaching 50 ft. n-type coax cables to the MR74, and installing an antenna inside the building. Any thoughts? 

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I think that would not work very well.


You would be better to run an Ethernet cable from the roof unit to an AP inside the building.

Do you have a reason why you don't think it will work? It's not like coax has bad attenuation, so theoretically the signal from the AP should still reach the antenna just fine. 

First the antennas are MIMO, so they are both meant to receive the same signal.

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