Move an AP between networks / Organizations

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Move an AP between networks / Organizations



There are multiple Organizations and Networks.  One building got "decommissioned" and there are some APs that are being re-purposed to another organization.  To be clear, Organizations in this sense means companies.  Here is what we need to do:


There are 4 APs.

 - 2 are just moving to another building.  (No issues doing this)

 - 1 is moving to an existing Network at a different location and Organization (different company, same owners).  I do not have access to the Meraki / Network at the originating organization (Medical related company, needing HIPPA req's, etc.).  We just want to move this over to our Organization.  There is one person who does have access (organization administration, Full access) to both companies, but he is a Security guy and not an IT guy.  I plan on helping him tomorrow with this, as we sit together.  But, how does one do this?  Simply by removing it from the Network and then Unclaim it, then I can claim it on my end by the normal manner of adding via serial number?  The original people that set this all up are long gone, so there is no order number or paperwork anywhere to be found.

 - Lastly, we want to use the last one of the APs in a different company altogether (again, owned by the same people but completely unrelated to the other two).  This new company will have nothing but this single AP on it's network that is Meraki (No MX100, like the other two have).  Is this even possible, by creating a new Network within my existing organization and then adding it physically to that network (and through my Organization)? TLDR: Add one owned and licensed AP to a completely different company (physical location and unrelated Networks).


Hope that last one made sense.  New to Meraki, but this isn't a "normal" issue asked in the community.


Thanks!!   BretD

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Kind of a big deal

If one person has access to all they would just have to move them to a different Organization. If you have another Merkaki Dashboard login "other company" you would then have to "unclaim" device then claim it via serial number to the other dashboard.


2 different logins, so unclaim and claim needed... But then the license will have to be moved via support, right?
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@BretD is correct that you will need help from support to move the licenses.  Don't let that stop you from getting the network up and going.  There's a grace period to get the license issue solved.


When you unclaim devices, there's a period of time before you can claim the device in a different organization.  Meraki's documentation suggests around 5-10 minutes.


There's really no difference between your 2nd and 3rd scenarios.  The steps you follow to move the device around are the same.

Kind of a big deal

1 - Unclaim with the security guy

2 - Obtain serial number of device

3 - Claim by serial in the correct org yourself

4 - Open a case or call Meraki support to move the license, but you will have a 30 day grace period to use the device


The first case : 2 AP being moved to a different location


a. You would need to update the AP [ADDRESS] on the dashboard if you like to have accurate location details updated [Not Compulsory but suggested best practice]

b. Reconnect the AP at the new location it will establish reachability with the Meraki cloud and will come online.

NOTE : Existing configuration will be intact  in this case.


Second Case : Existing AP moving to Different ORG, Network, Location


a. First you have to contact Meraki TAC with the existing Customer Number associated with the existing ORG that the AP is associated with and move the licence associated with that AP Serial number to the new ORG dashboard.

b. If clients are connected you can keep the AP active till downtime.

c. Disassociate the AP form the current Network on the Old ORG. [Requires Dashboard Access]

d. Un-claim AP from the ORG > Inventory [Required Dashboard Access]

e. Re-Claim the AP on the new ORG dashboard and associate it with the new location and network.

NOTE: The configuration of the AP will not be migrated in this case and requires reconfiguration the device.


Third Case : Please follow the same steps listed on second case.


Information you will require for support and proper execution:


Admin details for all the three Organisations [Org Name, Admin Name's, emails, and address]

Customer Number for all three Organisations

Meraki Sales Rep Details , you can get this info from Dashboard> Login > Get Help > Scroll Down to the end.




It's always recommended to have all devices under a single org inventory and distributed to different networks that makes asset movement, configuration and support easy in the future if you are working with the same owner.



I followed to steps in help, but they did not work. I had to get Tech Support involved to move between Orgs. I still took effort. Good luck.

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