Meraki Wifi AP SSID broadcast problem

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Meraki Wifi AP SSID broadcast problem

We have installed Meraki MR45 in our office just one year ago. Suddenly for last 4 days, it doesn't show the SSID for apprx. 50mins in a hour. Again it shows.


We have already checked the LAN cable & found ok.


Any suggestion please!!

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Do the APs shows as being online during this time?

Anything in the event viewer?


Have you got an SSID availability schedule configured?

a. APs remain online this time.

b. We observe "802.11 disassociation" this message while AP doesn't work

c. No availability schedule is configured

Getting noticed

Do you have other SSIDs that continue to work properly?  if not try creating one just to see if it stays up or follows the same pattern as the original SSID.  


Does the outage occur at the same time each hour?  does it occur X number of minutes after the AP is rebooted, then on the same 50min/10 min schedule or is it a random 50 minutes?


if you reboot the AP in the middle of the 50 minute outage, does the outage shift in time to follow the reboot , or is it x number of minutes after the hour every hour?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@AGAPL what firmware is it running and when was it last upgraded?

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