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I am new in our organisation and we have  3pcs Meraki M33 but it is registered to our previous colleague's account there is no hand over about this product but it is registered into his account is there a way to unregister the access point and register it in my account? Because I cannot change SSID / password in the devices. Thank you.



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Kind of a big deal

There are 2 options here:


1) Have the previous colleague add you as an admin in the dashboard where the org is

2) Assuming you have created a new org for yourself, have the previous colleague remove the devices from inventory in the old org


If neither of these can be done, you may need to try to get access to his email where the dashboard account is. Depending on the situation make a legal notice to him and see if he will make the moves needed.

Thank you very much

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Take over their email address (assuming it is a company one), reset the password, and then login.

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