Meraki Local Auth - Failed due to RADIUS timeout (

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Meraki Local Auth - Failed due to RADIUS timeout (


Testing two possible configurations and wondering if anyone is actually using Meraki Local Auth successfully. 


Configuration 1:

LDAP server specified is Azure AD DS private IP. APs have connectivity over site to site VPN.


Configuration 2:

LDAP server specified is DUO Auth proxy which then redirects to Azure AD DS. 



Both configurations pass on the dashboard when testing against the specified LDAP server. I am able to connect and bind from the APs subnet to both scenarios. There is only 1 active AP to keep things simple. 


Both configurations fail when attempting to connect to the SSID by an actual client, for the same reason:


Client xxxxx had a failed connection to SSID xxxx on AP xxxxx during authentication because the auth server did not respond.

RADIUS timeout


Tested with a MR33 and a CW9162I



Password authentication is used. 

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Here to help

Just wondering if anyone is actually using Meraki Local Auth successfully? My support case has been open over a month and feedback has been pretty vague. 

Here to help

I'm attempting to use this feature without On Prem to validate Local Auth with Okta acting as LDAP. No support has been able to help, and the documentation is not very specific. I can communicate with Okta ldap over port 389 but when i attempt to connect a client on site i get a similar issue, AP just timeout.

They actually replied on May 16th that it was supposed to be fixed but when I tried it wasn't. I gave up and moved on. Did it eventually start working for you?

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