MX68W and external captive portal for guest access?

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MX68W and external captive portal for guest access?



I plan to deploy MX100  in central site and 10x MX68W in branch, I have some questions about this design:


1- The customer has Ucopia for captive portal which is behin MX100, could I redirect the splash page to UCOPIA? 

2- I will have Auto VPN beteween my central site and all branch and the goal is to redircet all guest trafic to the UCOPIA Portal but just for authentication because I'd to have local trafic in the branch goes trough the branch internet locally?


Thank you


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Kind of a big deal

Never had to do this so I could be wrong, but the simple (relative) part of redirecting is known a EXCAP


The trick here is the VPN part making this difficult. I would imagine your going to have to allow local users to access this ucopia site, so you'll need to allow that IP through the VPN (which I'm assuming is an internal IP). So I'm not sure how that would work to be honest.





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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Ucopia will need native support for Meraki.  I see the two mentioned together on this URL:


You can also probably do it using SSID tunneling to the MX in VPN concentrator mode.

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