MX60W setup help

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MX60W setup help


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I want to know if its possible to use my Merika MX60W by resetting it and punching in new details from a new provider. The device came from the previous suppliers. The wifi is really poor on the new providers modem. So Im thinking if switch over to the Cisco router Ill be fine?

Im not that technical but have reset it and got in the user panel.


Now its reset can I just input the new settings or will it be somehow blocked from the previous supplier or this cloud thing. The new modem is PPPoA and this Cisco seems to be PPPoE. Does this matter and is there a way around it. Currently I have no idea if I can even use the Cisco modem. 

If I can use it, Im looking for some quick dummies guide help to configure the Cisco with the new Broadband provider details and then completely remove the current one. Im currently plugged into the existing router on a LAN to access the Cisco and give it a connection to the broadband.

I hope someone can advice me on this. Thanks Rich

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Kind of a big deal

Hello Artillerystudio,


Unless you have a valid license for the device you will not be able to use it.


If you do, claim the MX in your meraki dashboard.


Then what I would do is disable the built in WiFi on the providers modem and just use it for it's modem functionality. Then put a patch cable between the WAN port of the MX and one of the LAN ports on the providers modem. You can then start configuring it.


Check youtube for lots of tutorials on all subject Meraki:


This one's probably a good start:


Kind regards,


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