MR32 and DFS

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MR32 and DFS

Does anyone have any experience of issues with MR32's and significant drop outs? We believe that there may be an issue with MR32s and DFS (even though a DFS event is visible in the logs). What actions have you undertaken to improve performance. We have a number of users who are reliant on the service and currently providing a really poor user experience.

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

If you haven't already, do open a Support case on this.  There have been some known issues with DFS over-sensitivity and while most newer AP models had this fixed/addressed in the MR 25.X releases, the same fixes should be coming to MR26/32 so keep an eye on the firmware change logs, and consult with Support to confirm, and they can also attach your case to the existing issue for better tracking, correlation and prioritization.


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I'd recommend also opening a support case to get to the bottom of this issue; It could be related to a known bug. As a workaround you could attempt to exclude DFS channels from the auto-channel assignment if you haven't already done this? -

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