MR30H not turning on

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MR30H not turning on

Hello Team,

Kindly help me. i bought meraki mx84 and meraki MR30H, both equipment have licenses and added and claimed on meraki dash board. But hen i unbox MR30h its not turning on when i connect ethernet cable. what could be the problem. isnt it plug and play?

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Kind of a big deal

It is plug and play.


PoE turned on?

Port enabled on switch?

Enough power for another PoE device?


Or it may just be broken and has to be replaced.

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POE switch has enough power because i have other radio about 5 of them connected and they are working. but this MR30h is not powering on. and again this is not the first one. the first one did the same, this is replacement and its alos failing to turn on. we bought them from canada

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What switch are you using? In some prosumer models they sometimes don't server full PoE to all ports. In your troubleshooting, did plug a verified working AP into the same port the 30H is using?

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You're plugging it in to the ethernet port on the back of the 30H and not one of the 4 switch ports on the bottom? (I've done this before)

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