MR 27.1 wifi random speed with Macbook Air and the AP MR52

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MR 27.1 wifi random speed with Macbook Air and the AP MR52



I got several MR52 and one MR84 running 27.1 since the beginning when it was available using a single SSID with WPA3 transitioning, running fine at the beginning.


My architecture is the following 2x Fiber Access -> MX68 -> MS220-24P -> 5x MR52 and one MR84


Since a few days i got very strange behavior and don't really know how to troubleshoot it :

- a Macbook Air got random speed changing all the time up to > 1000mb/s and dow to 14mb/s for the wifi speed between the Macbook and the Meraki MR52. I got at 2m an MR52 and the next one at 8m...

- an Apple TV 4K is doing regular disconnect and connect at random phase, sometime no access need to reboot it

- other generic devices lost connections !


The Macbook Air using Ethernet on the MS220-24P is running perfectly. Close to it (on the same desk) i got an old MacBook Air using the same MR52 with no problem at all...


Everything was working fine before with 7.1 and suddenly problems problems !!!


Thanks in advance for the help.



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If you're sure it's the update causing the problems you should first see if you can still downgrade to stable 26.6.1 and see if the behavior changes.

If it does not improve you'll have to do the regular wireless troubleshooting. (spectrum analysis, signal strength, packet analysis).

Hi GldenJoe,


My problem it was working perfectly after move to 27.1 and just a few days ago i got problem...

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Does it correct itself when you reboot the AP?  (buffer overflow, software problem?)
Or is the problem instantly visible?


If it's instantly visible then I'm not sure if it would be a problem related to the software update, unless your macbook air had an update?  You could still test when doing a downgrade.


If it persists, then you will need to check the environment, perhaps try another channel.  You know.. the usual 🙂

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