Is the MR74 EN 60079-0 compliant?


Is the MR74 EN 60079-0 compliant?

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I need to know the value of the Threshold power in Watts (as defined in EN60079-0) to ensure the MR74 with 4 off MA-ANT-20 antennas are compliant in this application. I noticed the datasheets only show the max power consumption and the POE thresholds.


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As far as I'm aware, the regulatory limits for Wi-Fi only allow a maximum output of 1W for 2.4GHz and 4W for 5GHz (it varies by country, though I believe these are the worldwide maximums). 


Edit: Found this:

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

@JoeCrouch The maximum transmit output power of the AP (the intentional radiator) is typically going to be 30dBm (1 watt) for both the 2.4 and 5GHz radios.  This could vary based on your regulatory domain and possible other factors.  A little more info in the support doc.  I'd call into Support to verify for your specific installation and region.

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