Is anyone use meraki AP as a beacon for simpleinout?


Is anyone use meraki AP as a beacon for simpleinout?


our team is using simpleinout as attendance management. 

it can be use geofence with location info on mobile phone and also use bluetooth beacon precofigured by vendor.


I think it can be used meraki's ibeacon for simpleinout.


Is anyone use meraki as beacon for simpleinout?




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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Hi @NetWatchdog I have not worked with simpleinout yet, but I do know of other 3rd party partners/developers who are doing school attendance tracking, and/or using the Meraki AP's BLE radio to perform proximity-based student engagement for things like campus tours, orientation apps, etc.  Anyway, yes, all of the current Meraki APs (except the most basic MR20/MR70) have an integrated Bluetooth Low Energy radio, so the AP can be a Bluetooth beacon, as well as scan or locate Bluetooth devices.  And there is a whole API (the "scanning API", different from the "dashboard API") behind this so you or a 3rd party developer can write your own custom apps.  Here's the documentation on Meraki BLE and beacons:


Hi Dave-san,

Thank you for the reply.

I am managing MR33,  and I will try to read the documents.



Yes Sir @NetWatchdog-san, happy to help and welcome to the Meraki Community, feel free to post back with follow-up questions, or to update the Community with your experience and solution.


The other (developer's) site I forgot to mention is so check that out also.




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