How can I show the splash page and give the whole internet access to the client for the first 2 min?

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How can I show the splash page and give the whole internet access to the client for the first 2 min?

Hi everyone,

I'm making a Captive portal Splash Page where Customers can place their Google ad-sense code in the Splash Screen that pops up when they connect to the WiFi. I'm able to show the Google Ads on the Splash Screen but the problem is, we don't know what the URL of the Google Adsense link is going to be. And, cause of this, we can't add that Ad's URL to the Walled Garden.
So to tackle this issue, we want to give the Client the whole internet access for the first 2 minutes when the Client enters the Splash Page.

I tried to call the Grant URL in an Ajax Request. But due to CORS Policy, I wasn't able to do that.

Is there a workaround to solve this issue? Has anyone done this before?

Thank you!

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Very interesting question, I don't have a specific answer but I can brainstorm here with you.


Others have figured out how to restrict access based on elapsed time, in the Meraki Marketplace Cloudifi is one example  - if they can do time based access then there's a way... 


Another option is to allow access immediately but put users into a profile that has the controls you wish, use APIs to detect the login/access event and set a timer, on expiry check for valid login and/or move the user into another profile that restricts access. There's a lot unexplored around this idea, including feasibility, but some discussion is here


Another idea is an external captive portal server that you add to the permitted list and it proxies all of the ads so the end user need only access the server and not the entire internet. Either a cloud solution could do that or a locally hosted open source system.


Would love to have handed you a solution, but maybe someone else has implemented one of the above ideas or a different one?


Did you put a feature request/wish into Meraki for this? 



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