Guest Portal is not working

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Guest Portal is not working


I have a scenario where I want the wireless guest clients to get redirected to the wguest portal through CWA policy which is hosted publicly on Cisco ISE and locally break out the internet traffic through MX internet link ? 

Is this possible ?


I have tried to do this using CWA policy..I checked, guest machine is able to authenticated through this CWA policy & when user is trying to open any site, page is being redirected to wguest portal usr..but url is not working.Even guest machine is not able to reach out public hosted guest portal URL (XX.XX.XX.XX). Even guest's machine is unable to ping own gateway IP. tried to telnet guest portal url but traffic is not coming on our external firewall. It looks like traffic is not passing through MS/MX. Also verified the local ACL, everything is allowed on MS/MX. Also tried to check guest portal from internet, it is working fine. No issue with guest portal url.






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Here to help

we also seem to have been served this through the splash page login the url is greyed out

Screenshot 2019-10-11 at 11.59.15



I don't know the answer.


Check out this guide about using Cisco ISE and URL redirection.  I would pay special attention to the section on walled garden. 



Phil, not an amateur at this we have walled garden set up and has been working for the last 6 months. It has just changed in the last week. Gary

If it's just changed and you haven't done anything I'd get in touch with support. They may have had multiple reports about the issue.

yes got it solved thankfully

Hi, How did you solve that problem? 

I think through support.

Check wireless / access control & check that click through is ticked under splash page

Then ensure that the custom splash page is enabled for url

Thank you.

I have 'Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) Authentication' ticked under splash page and everything worked perfectly till today...  

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