Free Meraki AP

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Free Meraki AP

Hi Meraki,


My name Edgar Laurence Technical Design Consultant at Global Cloud Exchange.


I have attended the webinar yesterday morning via Webex and I have contacted Sam Stewart (Meraki representative) via email and phone but no response. 


Can someone please let me know when I am due to receive AP?





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Hi there


Meraki ship free gear in chunks, meaning that if stock levels are running low or there has been lots of webinars in your region lately your free AP item it might take some time to ship. So its coming if your org has not received free gear before after attending those webinars. You might want to verify the contact details you´ve entered upon enrolling to this session you´ve been hearing to.


To add, if you´ve signed to a webinar via dedicated Cisco meraki partner invitation link your partner might be able to assist you with details on your APs shipment.


Hope this helps.



Comes here often

Hi there, 


Can you someone from Meraki team contact me and let me know where is my Meraki kit because I still have not received since the webinar I participated in November 2019? I was promised to receive the kit after the Webinar. 





Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Has the account manager or reseller who introduced you to the webinar not been able to help?  I seem to remember it should only be a few weeks.

Comes here often

Hi There, 


Please see below the email sent to me in November and since then I have not received my AP. I tried to contact SAM but no reply. 


Can you help?


From: The Cisco Meraki Webinar Team []
Sent: 26 November 2019 11:05
To: Edgar
Subject: Thanks for hanging out with us!


Hi Edgar,

Thanks for attending our live webinar, "Introduction to Cloud-Managed IT"! We hope you found the information useful. 

In order to claim your free promotional access point, please follow the steps below:

1. Read through our terms and conditions. If you are not eligible, we offer a risk-free trial for all of our products. 

2. Call us to confirm your eligibility and shipping address. Please contact your Cisco Meraki representative using the information below:

Sam Stewart
0203 640 6191

Hope to hear from you soon, 

The Cisco Meraki Team

P.S. Check out our community to connect with other IT professionals, partners, and even Meraki employees!


Webinar Promo Disclaimer Partners, resellers, distributors, Cisco employees, and consultants are not eligible for the Promotional Device offered in this promotion, and Promotional Devices may not be used for resale, distribution or to provide managed services to customers. Meraki Promotional Devices are limited to one device of each type (MR, MS, MX and SM) per organization and per individual. For more information on our full terms and condition please visit out website.


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