Client Preference - Wireless Repeaters

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Client Preference - Wireless Repeaters

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I have deployed an MR33 as a Wireless Repeater for a single client telemetry application. The MR33 as a repeater seems to be able grab clients that have much closer local MR Gateways (most of those being MR30H's). The donor AP providing the Mesh route to the MR33 usually does get many clients at all.


Is there a way to 'Cost' the Repeater or a way to get normal clients to prefer their local Gateways so I can avoid an impact on user experience, I don't want to create unique telemetry SSID's if I can avoid it.



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Kind of a big deal

You should look at turning down the power on the MR33, or implementing RX-SOP to help clients avoid connecting to it. 




Unfortunately, it's the client's decision to connect to whichever AP they deem to be the "best". All you can do is try and make it look less appealing. 

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