Cisco Meraki Z1/Z3 - Cisco IP connected to Meraki goes offline

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Cisco Meraki Z1/Z3 - Cisco IP connected to Meraki goes offline

We have users who use the Meraki Z1 or Z3 at home to VPN in and they connect a Cisco IP phone to the Meraki. When the Meraki drops the internet connection, the Cisco IP phone un-registers from CUCM, when the Meraki comes back to life, the Cisco IP Phone does not reconnect to CUCM and we have to remotely reboot the Meraki from the dashboard for the IP phone to register again.


Does anyone know why this happens?



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Kind of a big deal

When the Z1/Z3 unit gets internet again, does the the AutoVPN tunnel re-establish automatically (it should) but just double checking.

How long will the phone stay unconnected to CUCM? Will it eventually re-connect after X minutes or does it never. Does rebooting the phone fix or only rebooting the Z1/Z3 devices fix?
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Thanks for the response!
It never reconnects; only when the Z1/Z3 is rebooted.


Assuming the tunnel is automatically brought back up when Internet goes out? Not sure if your able to confirm/deny that. You could simulate it seems this seems to be repeatable.

Do you have DHCP being handled by the Z1/Z3 devices? If so, do you have an Option 150 configured on the Voice VLAN pointing to the CUCM?
Nolan Herring |

yeap tunnel comes back up. Option 150 is configured. It's a strange one as we do not see it on all devices.

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

This sounds like a problem with the upstream CPE that the Z1/Z3 is plugged into.  Is their a common CPE in use amongst the users having the problem?


I will bet they have a bug with processing long lived UDP flows.  If you take one case-  are their any firmware updates available for that users CPE?

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