Channel utilization go High

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Channel utilization go High

hi all,


we observed in Meraki dashboard two AP in our office showing high channel utilization approx. 40 to 50 %.

user count for each AP is 32 to 40

What should be the reason?  

what should we do to resolve this?








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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

It very much depends on what is the cause of the high utilisation - and it also depends if that high utilization is actually giving you a practical problem.   Bear in mind that if a powerful device is transmitting or receiving a lot of traffic, then it could legitimately be generating a large amount of your utilization - and if others aren't greatly affected then what's the problem?

If your channels are generally over-utilised with real wifi traffic, you should look to make the best use you can of available channel space.    If your screen shot is what you see often then the first thing I'd try would be (unusually)  disabling band steering.   It is usually the case that 5 GHz is LESS utilized than 2.4 - but that appears not to be the case here.   If 2.4 is clear and 5 is busy, why encourage clients onto 5 GHz?

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