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Case Closed

When we pose a question that Cisco Meraki don't want to answer we get a note to say that the case has been resolved and is now closed without an answer. This is normally queries around tri angulation and location accuracy & Meraki dont want to seem to answer or help.

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

You haven't asked a question to be able to help you.

We had a very detailed question around the position & location accuracy of the Meraki Location API.  The AP's have been positioned correctly but we are not picking up customers inside the stores.  Mist has offered to look at the floor plans and pull out Meraki and install Mist systems to rectify this. Gary

Hi @Limitless 


I am sorry for your experience. Just to get some clarity over this issue, Did you able to open a case with Cisco Meraki support regarding this issue and received no response except the case closure? Can you please follow up on the case and re-open it? (You can do this by simply replying to the email you received from support). This might have happened by mistake, generally, our support team is very responsive and communicative. Also, please feel free to give the support team a call to discuss further (You can find the support hotline number on the dashboard under help > get help)





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