Blocking Firesticks use within Meraki SSID

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Blocking Firesticks use within Meraki SSID


Can anyone please advise what would be the best approach to blocking users connecting to a particular Meraki SSID (wireless network) using their Amazon firestick? I would like to block firesticks connecting to our wireless networks. Is this possible?

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Kind of a big deal

One way (the only way?) I can think of is to just block them in the client list.  I can’t think of a way to prevent it from connecting in the first place unless you knew it’s MAC address, but I get the feeling this is more like rogue devices someone is bringing to your network and you don’t want them to use.



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What exactly do you want to achieve? Block access for the hardware or stop them accessing their services provided on the "outside" like Prime Video?

We suspect some firesticks are being used on our wireless network to perhaps stream movies or sporting events. We wish to stop this from happening by either blocking access from a firestick device to our wireless network or limiting the services within the firestick but we would be unsure what app they would be using. 

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

This won't be straightforward if you want to allow other devices to attach without authorising each individual device.


What you could try doing is taking a packet capture of port 53 as one of them attaches and looking at the DNS queries being made.  If they make some queries specific to the device (say device registration, etc) then you might be able to block access to those specific DNS entries.

Are you perhaps overthinking this? If you're trying to block streaming services or sporting events, your users don't necessarily have to use Firesticks (or its plethora of "copies").

At least it sounds to me that your primary issue is streaming, not the transport for those. From my point of view, you'd be better off blocking those services by using Content filtering / Layer 7 rules.

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