Antenna for MR42e

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Antenna for MR42e

Strange question.... We have a new site opening soon and have planned to use the MR46e with the MA-ANT-3-F6 antenna. Due to supply issues we have the MA-ANT-3-F6 but not the MR46e's yet , we have a handful of MR42E's free and was wondering if I could use these with the MA-ANT-3-F6 antenna.  I know you are meant to use the MA-ANT-3-F5 antenna but wondered if I just didn't connect one of the 2.5/5Ghz leads on the MA-ANT-3-F6 it would still work as a 3 array antenna rather than a 4 . This is just temp solution until the MR46e's arrive.

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Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

Should be fine. Just leave one of the 2.4/5 leads disconnected. That should leave the remaining 3 dual band leads, the BLE/IoT, and the scanning radio leads to connect.

Ryan / Meraki Solutions Engineer

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