Alphanumeric Sender ID using Twilio account API

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Alphanumeric Sender ID using Twilio account API

Hey all.


I setup a Twilio account to send SMS authentication using the splash pages. This is all working very well.


However, I can't seem to configure Twilio / Meraki to use an Alphanumeric Sender ID - this is part of the Twilio API.


Anyone tested this?



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Kind of a big deal

You'll have to configure it in Twilio. It's a general setting for all SMS's sent by your account. It's not supported on the free trial though.


More info here:

Alphanumeric Sender ID allows you to set your company name or brand as the Sender ID when sending one-way Text SMS messages to supported countries. Alphanumeric Sender IDs may be up to 11 characters. Accepted characters include both upper- and lower-case ASCII letters, the digits 0 through 9, and space: A-Z, a-z, 0-9.


Source By SMSala

I've tried this, but there is no way I can get Meraki to either choose the messaging service with the alphanummeric sender or specify the "from" field.


Can you explain how you configured this?

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Here to help

Just a heads up for anyone in the future, there is (still) no support for this as of 2023-05-24 according to Meraki support. I requested it and sent feedback.

I also asked if they could add a field to the Twilio setup in the dashboard where we could enter the ID and it would flow through the API to Twilio but no reply on that

Also, looked at Twilio config where they've added stuff to their dashboard to config this BUT if you buy a USA mobile number there is no way to configure that

We may need to buy a national number (Ireland in this case for $6.50 a month as opposed to $1 a month for a US one) and then configure it for Ireland

We have a customer with global visitors and all worked well until this change. Now we need Alphanumeric Sender ID and also you need to register your organisation info with some countries - China, etc

So, a lot of work to cover all potential foreign visitor number

latest info is Meraki say they send the string "Meraki" to Twilio as an Alpha ID so that may help a lot

For USA - they don't use Alpha ID they use A2P 10DLC which you have to register for and you can do this through the Twilio dashbaord  

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