Access Point Meraki MR16

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Access Point Meraki MR16

Hello, I am new to this community, I would like to know if you could support me with this problem with an AP: in my dashboard observing in the section: Radius and VLAN request status this appears :


but checking another AP is like this:



the one that does not have DHCP ok is assigning incorrect IPs making the users do not have access to the internet, they know what is due from the AP or it is a bad configuration in the switch.



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Are the SSIDs in bridge mode?


If they are in bridge mode it could be the switch config or the DHCP server itself.

hi PhilipDAth, they are in:Layer 3 roaming, you know when I connect them to another switch they work correctly but with this switch this happens, in this switch I have 4 AP and the same thing happens

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Why are you using layer 3 roaming instead of bridge mode on the ssid? 


How many vlans do you have? 

@OGM do all of the APs have full IP reachability with one another, or are the perhaps firewalls or ACLs separating the subnets of the AP's management IP addresses?  I also have the same question as @PhilipDAth if you only have a few APs is there any reason they're not running in Bridge Mode?  Using distributed layer 3 roaming may not really apply here, and is sometimes selected because it sounds like the right thing to do (the naming convention makes DL3R sound more robust or elegant or secure than "Bridge" mode). Perhaps you can simply select Bridge mode.


Anyway, I asked about IP reachability because with DL3R the APs will communicate with one another to establish anchor APs and maintain the L3 connections as the users roam across different L3 boundaries.  There's a good support doc on the best practices here:



Here's a good doc below on the different addressing modes.  For example if you had multiple buildings on a campus and you have a VLAN-per-building type approach, then bridge mode might be perfect if users can simply be bridged back to the VLAN for whatever building they're in,  So you walk out of one building, your wireless connection obviously drops as you walk across campus, and then reconnects in another building, same SSID, different bridge-mode VLAN, and all is fine.  Now, if you had completely seamless coverage including outside from building to building and there's a requirement to maintain the client's original IP on an anchor AP, then DL3R might be the choice.  I'm leaving out details and oversimplifying a little but you get the idea.


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