AP RF Display Heat Maps


AP RF Display Heat Maps

Who believes the floor plan imports should be scaled so that near accurate measurements of RF can be displayed as heat maps.  Must be about 20 customers so far that have said what’s the point in have this.  Personally I think it’s a great, it displays AP location, channel numbers, faults, client locations.  But so many customers want more and heat maps seams to be the big thing!!!! Personally I think capacity and throughput is more important 

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Kind of a big deal

I'd like to see this too! Kudos to you mister :).

Cisco have this with Prime, Aruba have with AppRF and even Aerohive have this but don’t quote me on that, just what I’ve heard

Here to help

I think it would be very helpful.

There are a few "Claimed" blackspots in my building, could provide a quick visual for the non tech minded that they are most certainly wrong and their old devices are to blame!

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