AI-Powered Auto RF

Getting noticed

AI-Powered Auto RF

Hi All 


Just seen this in early Access 


Anyone using it yet or plan to use it ?


AI-Powered Auto RF (Busy Hour and AI Channel Planning)

Busy Hour and AI Channel Planning for an enhanced wireless experience powered by AI-Enhancement

Busy Hour: Minimize the number of channel changes during the manual or automatically configured period. This will eliminate client disconnections or roaming due to channel changes and promote a seamless wireless experience.

AI Channel Planning: Intelligently deprioritize channels with recurring DFS events and frequently jammed channels, promoting RF stability for the entire network.


AI-Powered Auto RF: Use AI to Bring Meraki Towards RF Excellence! - Cisco Meraki





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Here to help

Turned on, no problems so far.

Getting noticed

Same here, turned a couple of days ago no adverse effects either. 

Just 1 jammed AP mitigated. 


Hopefully we will see more detail on the page in the future 

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