2 different networks connected by Mesh ?

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2 different networks connected by Mesh ?



I have a case here


There are 2 sites (A and B) each side of the road, but they are in 2 different networks.

Both sites have their MX, with MS and APs.


Site B decides to cancel its wan connection and get rid of their MX. They want now to be connected to Site A Wan, and doing so by meshing with external APs.


What is the best pratice in this case ? What happens with the mesh being the 'wan' connection for site B ?

1- unclaim everything from site B and put everything in Site A network

2- keep the 2 networks

3- Other ?




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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

This is the guide to setting up MESH.



Note that a MESH can only extend a single VLAN.  Basically you are going to want to created a new VLAN on the remaining MX with the same IP addressing as the remote site, and run the MESH link on that VLAN.

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Keep in mind that you cannot add Meraki APs directly connected to the ethernet port of a repeater (mesh) AP (or by adding a switch).

That's why you will still need the MX on site B.

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Meraki Employee

Hi there,


Your scenario is covered in this KB: https://documentation.meraki.com/MR/WiFi_Basics_and_Best_Practices/Extending_the_LAN_with_a_Wireless.... As others have mentioned, keep in mind that only 1 VLAN can be carried across the mesh link. So if you want to carry additional VLANs, you'll need a layer 3 switch on the repeater side to segment the VLAN that the repeater is on from the wired clients behind the L3 switch on the remote site.

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Furthering MerakiGeoff,  you may need to add static routes to L3 switches on both sides of the wireless hop pointing to the opposite side


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