When will APN change via API be available?

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When will APN change via API be available?

I have a scenario where, we need to change the APN on several MG21s due to CGNAT on default APN, and this requires a technician on site with the MG physically in hand. Furthermore, we can't just have the provider block access to other APNs, inorder to stter the MG towards the APN we wish to use, because apparently the provider in question (TDC, Denmark) is not a certified provider for MG21s. 


I find your lack of API support for MGs disturbing, Meraki..


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Kind of a big deal

Let's say the MG has the wrong APN, so can't check in with the Meraki cloud.  How would it be able to check-in and get that APN?

In your case, it sounds like the MG might be online, but not using the most desired APN.


I think Meraki will regard the bulk of these kinds of changes as requiring physical access as it is needed to provide the initial connectivity.



Thinking sideways; do any of these sites have a machine you could take remote control over and then access the MG status page that way?

Hey Philip,

You are correct, the MG is online, but not using the desired APN. To use the one we want would require manually having the MG in hand to change, since the default APN isn't allowing AutoVPN to work. If we could have the provider block the default APN, so that the MG would be forced to use the one we want, that would be great. Unfortunately, the provider isn't certified for the MG - eventhough it's the largest ISP in Denmark. Heck, the MG21 contains a Centurion chip, same as a Huawei, iirc.


Of course, we could probably just have each site provide a laptop, which we could take control of, and reconfigure the APN that way. But that kind of defeats the purpose of the Zero Touch Provisioning, and add additional time and cost in the deployment. We're not just talking about tens of sites, but hundreds.

LinkedIn ::: http://rbnielsen.dk

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Comes here often

I am also looking for this functionality across Z3c, MX, and MG devices that have cellular connectivity.  My use case is supporting a multi-carrier vendor SIM like Globalgig.  They have a custom APN, that only the MG allows you to configure, but it is a manual process via console connection....not via Dashboard.  If not in Dashboard, at least an API to allow setting APNs.

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