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MG21 roaming setup


MG21 roaming setup

Hi All,

Is roaming set by default on the MG21 as I don't see any options for this.

(like a phone where roaming can be enabled or disabled)

The SIM is enabled for roaming.

we have a "multinet" sim which will roam onto a different network if the primary is unavailable.




Meraki Employee

Re: MG21 roaming setup

Hello @NeilLatham 


The MG21 is designed to remain stationary. We should not expect it to be roaming on other networks. There is no option to manually enable or disable roaming on the MG21. Please go ahead and submit a feature request by clicking "Make a wish" button on the dashboard. 


To check the status of the connection on an MG21 in your network, please reach out to Meraki Support and we can confirm the network status.


Let me know if you have any questions.



Meraki Team


Re: MG21 roaming setup

Thanks Seshu

I did try a non UK sim card and found it connected ok via the O2 network



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