MG21 issue

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MG21 issue

We have a few MG21's that frequently go offline, and the only way to get back online is a reboot.  There are no logs for the issue in the MX.  Anyone else experience this, and know why it happens?

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Not seen this issue.

There should also be a MG logging. 


The 4g internet is down or just the management tunnel?


Could you try another apn if your LTE provider supports that

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We look in the portal, and you see the big red line, and it says device is offline.  Reboot the device and back online.

Kind of a big deal

I haven't seen this issue either.


Is the firmware up to date?

Yes, up to date.

Kind of a big deal

Sounds like a defective unit. I‘d file a case with Meraki support.

Comes here often


Have you deployed beta version 1.11?
Here is what we find in the changelog: MG 1.11 has a number of improvements under the hood with fixes to devices falling offline and issues with enterprise/private APN.

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Hi I have similar issue on firmware 1.9 did the upgrade to 1.11 fix the issue. 

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