MG Cellular Gateway Supported LTE Networks


MG Cellular Gateway Supported LTE Networks

With the release of MG, which carriers will be supported via micro SIM? I'm not seeing info about this in the documentation.

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As far as I'm aware Verizon will still be supported...

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From what I understand it should be the same as the MX67 and MX68 which can be found here 

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Perfect, thank you!

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It is the same modem that's in the MX67/68's, so @Network-dad 's statement is most likely correct. 

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Per my sales rep:

"Certified with AT&T, but you can also get Verizon to work."


This is in the US.

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@E2Emmett  Where are you located in the world? that may be a big factor too... the documentation I linked to earlier has all the carriers listed for the US and Worldwide. Again It is the same modem that's in the MX67/68's so you should be good.

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Just to clarify,


MG21/E will NOT be VZW certified at launch. It will be AT&T certified.


We are working with the VZW team to get certification as quickly as possible



Just tried to add the MG21/E to our Verizon plan and was told it is not compatible with the Verizon device database. Any update on this certification status?

Any update here, this is kind of a big issue not to have it clearly documented.

The tested carriers have always been listed in the MG21 documentation under Technical Breakdown > Cellular:

@vcelli Do you know when the Verizon LTE Certification will be complete allowing the MG21 to be used on VZ network? I see you said you were working w/ them early in February of this year. Are there any updates? I still see on the datasheet that until certification obtained will not work on VZ network -



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From what I'm being told by Cisco, the MG21E is now certified by Verizon.


"we have internal documentation that claims Verizon to be supported on the MG21"

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@tdj7397 @ohio_meraki_guy MG21 and MG21E are both now certified for use on the Verizon network and the datasheets have been updated to reflect that now 😁

Any update on your certification with Verizon LTE network?

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MX67C/68CW are now VZW certified. We are in process to certify MG on VZW. Stay tuned

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I've had an MG21E up and running on Verizon for the past 24 hours. Seems to be working just fine!

By what dark powers have you accomplished this feat? I just tried adding the IMEI of the MG21E and still get the invalid device error:Invalid Device errorInvalid Device error


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Perhaps call Verizon support and talk to a rep so they can do it manually? I took an active sim card out of a different device that I had been using and it started working as soon as I popped it in the MG. I too tried to add the device IMEI on the website first, but to no avail. Then I realized the device was already working without me doing anything other than insert the card and power it up.

Yeah, I figured that's how you must be getting service with the old SIM switcheroo. I called into Verizon as well, and the rep was unable to help me because it's officially not an eligible device on their network until certification. I've asked our Meraki sales rep about getting us a loaner MX67C until the MG is usable. Very disappointing.

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Sorry to hear that. Didn't realize I had fooled the system, was just eager to test it out without waiting for a new SIM to arrive. Should I expect my device to stop working soon? If no, maybe you should invest in a portable hotspot and tear the SIM out of it after a day or so. 

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Has there been any updates on certification?  I am specifically looking for T-Mobile.

Any update on the Verizon certification process?

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FWIW, I do have the MG21/E up and running with a static IP on our Verizon business plan. The MG21/E still isn't officially certified on the Verizon network, but you can override the APN setting on the SIM, using the local MG configuration pages to get the MG to connect to their gateway. Lots of troubleshooting with VZW, but I was able to get to the right resources eventually. APN override not needed for dynamic IP, but you may need to call support with the device specific info to get on the network if the web site still isn't letting you self-register. 

So. Took an active sim from another device. This sim has a static up from Verizon. Only thing I did was add the APN number to the meraki in the local portal. Still solid orange. Did use port one in TS mode just to see it online, but still not getting the sim to connect to Verizon, solid orange. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I’m seeing the APN as MW01.VZWSTATIC. I’m assuming I input it that way?

I don't know about Verizon,  but I got my MG21 working on Google Fi. I got the data only SIM card from them and then had to enter the correct APN.  Once that was done, the MG21 connected.


Perhaps you should request a Data only SIM from Verizon and see if that works.


- Dave

What is the correct APN for google Fi and where do you enter it?

Where did you set the APN, to use the Google Fi SIM with the MG21?

Did you ever get this working? I've been struggling with the same issue, conducting my own troubleshooting, and then came across this thread.


Any insight that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Where are you located.  I attempted to get my device on Verizon and it said the device was lost or stolen or invalid.  

I spoke with an AT & T rep and they said my device was not compatible and offered me two other solutions.  Is there a special work around for them like bibibri users suggest for Verizon?  Anybody know?

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